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Webbing slings
come in many configurations, plies and lengths and are a valuable part of your rigging equipment. On this page, you will find common nylon web sling styles but Primo Slings also does custom web slings. We also offer these same styles in polyester web slings. With many lift slings for sale, your choices are almost endless. Simply click one of the buttons below picking the web lift sling of your choice and then pick the options that follow. If you are looking for custom lifting slings, please feel free to contact us at 319-535-2130 or email us at If you are looking for more flexible slings, try our endless polyester round slings or eye & eye polyester round slings.
Eye & Eye Slings - Flat Type 3 Eye & Eye Slings - Twisted Type 4
The eye and eye sling comes in 2 styles: type 3 flat eye and type 4 twisted eye. Both eye & eye lifting straps can utilize all 3 hitches. A type 3 sling's webbing will lay flat and the eyes will face side to side. The eye of the sling is usually tapered to allow easy attachment of rigging hooks.
The type 4 twisted eye slings have eyes on each end like the type 3 flat eye. However, they twist the eye of the webbing while folding it which turns the eye 90° to allow for an easier choker hitch. Twisted eye slings are a great choice for choker hitch applications and these nylon slings are heavy duty yet inexpensive.
Endless Slings Type 5 Triangle Slings Type 2
Endless slings are the most versatile nylon slings. Able to utilize all 3 hitches like the eye & eye slings but in a choker or basket hitch, the legs can be spread for a wide base and better load stability. Endless lifting straps can also be rotated to prevent wear and tear in the eye.
Triangle slings are lifting strap with steel triangles (aluminum triangle slings can be special ordered) used in cases requiring maximum abrasion resistance in the eye of the sling. Triangle lifting slings can only be used in the vertical and basket hitches only.
Triangle Choker Slings Type 1 Reverse Eye Slings Type 6
Choker slings rely on the ability to slide one end of the lift sling through the other eye, thus making a choker hitch. A larger triangle is fastened to one end allowing this triangle sling to achieve the choker hitch, unlike the triangle slings. Ultimate durability and eye protection.
Reverse eye slings are made with the choker hitch in mind.  The body and eyes are protected with cordura for added abrasion protection.  The eyes can be inverted for added life to this nylon lifting sling.Made with similar construction as a cargo sling but with narrower widths.
Cargo Slings - Continuous Eye Type 8 Cargo Slings - Attached Eye Type 9
The continuous eye cargo sling is meant for the heaviest of basket loads. The construction is similar to a reverse eye sling but has much wider body widths up to 24". The wide body sling allows for greater load stability. This cargo basket sling can only be used in a basket hitch.
The attached eye cargo sling is made with the same concept as the continuous eye sling, but the eyes are sewn on separately to the body.  This lightens the labor, material needed, and weight rating of the nylon lifting sling and making the cost of the lifting sling decrease as well.  The maximum weight capacity is typically 10,000# for lighter loads requiring wide body slings.
Nylon lifting straps are a great solution when you need strength for lifting with minimal cost. Made of heavy duty webbing rated at 9800 lbs per inch of width, these lift slings are inexpensive and very affordable. Lifting slings, also called hoist slings, can be used as lifting straps or the nylon webbing can have cordura reinforced eyes and be used as recovery straps. With a variety of choices in style (eye & eye slings, endless slings,triangle slings, choker slings, cargo slings, and many more slings for sale), we have a sling to fit almost any lifting application. From lifting a crate to lifting a boat, Primo Slings is your one stop shop for all your synthetic lifting slings needs.

Nylon lifting slings are used in many applications and for several uses. A lifting sling can come in several lengths and widths to accommodate just about any lifting application. Nylon slings typically come in width from 1" to 24" and up to 4 plies thick. At 9800 Lbs per inch of width, a nylon sling is the strongest sling for your dollar. Polyester web slings are a great alternative to nylon webbing slings. Polyester lifting slings offer different chemical resistances where nylon won't work. Polyester slings also offer a lower stretch value which is ideal for low overhead lifting applications.

Nylon lifting straps come in the following standard profiles:

Polyester lifting straps offer a low stretch alternative in the following profiles:

Primo Slings features web slings made from heavy duty webbing and can be protected with cordura wear pads to add even extra abrasion resistance for extended sling life. Cordura is a polyester web material that has a tighter weave which adds abrasion resistance. Nylon webbing features a high stretch value which is essential when lifting heavy items which is roughly 12-15% at its rated capacity, which also makes them ideal for recovery straps and tow straps. The wide flat webbing of the nylon web sling enables the sling to balance loads better than polyester slings, wire rope slings, or chain slings. The webbing slings are also available in polyester flat webbing which has a much lower stretch value closer to 5% at rated capacity.

Eye & Eye Slings (Type 3 Flat Eye / Type 4 Flat Eye)
Eye & eye lifting straps are made with flat nylon webbing with a loop, or eye, on each end. This enables the sling to easily fasten to an anchor point or rigging hook. This versatile web sling can be used in all three of the common hitches used for lifting (vertical, choker, and basket). A flat eye web sling (type 3) has the webbing laying flat and simply folded over to make the loop and sewn into place. Larger width slings (3" or wider) are typically tapered for ease of use with rigging hooks. A twisted eye nylon sling (type 4) has the webbing twisted as it is folded over making the eyes face in a direction 90 degrees different from the flat web sling. For durability purposes, the eyes of the web slings can have cordura sewn inside or wrapped around them for abrasion resistance. With nylon webbing having a stretch rating of 15-18% at rated capacity, for a lower stretch alternative, try our polyester eye & eye slings in flat eye or twisted eye. For even greater protection on the eyes, you may consider triangle nylon slings or triangle choker slings.

Triangle Slings (Type 2 Triangle-Triangle Sling)
Triangle Slings feature heavy duty triangles on each end instead of loops for loads that require maximum protection of the slings eyes. An example would be if the sling's eye needs to be attached to a rough hook or sling hook that may have barbs on it. Triangle slings can only be used in a vertical or basket hitch. In order to do a choker hitch, a triangle choker sling is required.

Triangle Choker Slings (Type 1 Slings)
Choker slings are basically the same sling as the triangle-triangle slings except one end of the sling features a larger slotted triangle enabling the sling to utilize the choker hitch as well as the other two hitches (vertical and basket). The triangle for the type 1 and type 2 slings can be made of alloy steel (more common) or aluminum for specialized applications.

Endless Slings (Type 5)
The endless webbing sling is the most versatile of all the slings. The endless sling has the ability to use all 3 common hitches for lifting assemblies and the webbing can be spread for load stabilization. Stitching the webbing can lower the webbing's strength per inch. Endless slings feature the least amount of stitching making endless web slings, the strongest web sling per inch compared to eye and eye slings, triangle slings, even cargo clings.

Reverse Eye Slings (Type 6)
Reverse eye webbing slings are closely related to the endless sling. The webbing is laid flat in the middle and sewn side by side. The reverse eye nylon lifting strap is used most commonly in choker hitches due to the direction the eyes are facing. However, this nylon web sling can be used in all 3 hitches.

Attached Eye Cargo Sling (Type 9 Patch Eye Sling)
Patch eye slings are used for loads that require a wide body for stabilization of the load when hoisting. These nylon cargo slings can be up to 24" wide (and wider in specialized purposes) and have small webbing eyes sewn to the wide body sling. The slings are only used in basket hitches and typically max out with a 10,000 lb. load rating. For additional strength, look at the continuous eye cargo sling.

Continuous Eye Cargo Slings (Type 8)
Continuous eye cargo slings use a very similar sewing pattern as the reverse eye sling but have a body width of up to 24". The eyes of this nylon lifting strap are continuous with the body of the sling enabling it to be much stronger than the attached eye cargo sling. Built for maximum load stability and strength, this basket slings is to be used in the basket hitch only. These cargo slings. along with the type 9, are not rated or intended for the vertical or choker hitches.

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