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Boat hoist slings are used for raising boats and ships out of the water for maintenance and transfer over land. These marine slings are made with a special lifting sling application in mind and require one or many specific features including: chine pads, disconnects, sliding wear pads, sewn in weights, or additional sewn eyes for adjustment. These boat slings, sometimes called travel lift slings, come in many different sizes and with many options (too many to list). Please contact our sales team at and they can provide you a quote form with some common questions to fill out for an accurate quote. For further information on boat hoist slings, please read on below.

Travel Lift Slings can have specialty sewing involved including one or many of the following custom sling options:
  • Nylon Sling or Polyester Sling? Boat slings can be made in nylon webbing or polyester webbing. Some companies would rather use polyester web as it is resistant to certain chemicals during cleaning and doesn't stretch as much as nylon web does.
  • Keel Pads - The keel pad can be made with, or without, lead weights sewn in and is padded to protect damage to the keel. The lead weights help weigh the sling down in the water so the boat sling stays under boat/ship easier.
  • Disconnect Pin - The hoist slings are typically disconnected with sewn fingers and a special pin that is used to keep the sling together. The disconnect is usually off center to avoid contact with the keel. The disconnect of the webbing sling can also have an additional protective flap sewn in to protect the surface of the boat from abrasion damage.
  • Chine Pads - Chine pads are to protect the chine, or angle in the hull, of a boat. These chine pads of the boat lift slings typically slide, or float, on the marine sling allowing for them to be adjusted and fit at the chine of the boat.
  • Additional Eyes - On the longer part of the sleeve, opposite of the disconnect, can have additional eyes sewn in on the strap to allow the nylon sling or polyester sling to be adjusted to alternate lengths. The more eyes sewn in, the more lengths the boat hoist sling can accommodate for additional lifting sling uses.
  • Tapered Eyes or Flat Eyes - The eyes of the boat hoist sling can have flat eyes or we can taper the width to allow for easier use with hardware. The tapered eyes allow for smaller shackles, or links, to be used to connect to the frame of the boat hoist you are using.
Marine slings can be used in many applications from lifting small boats to hoisting large ships. See our How To Pick Your Lifting Sling page for chemical resistances and other useful information. Boat hoist slings feature so many options and many different lifting sling applications, that there are simply too many lift slings to list. Primo Slings sales team is very informed in marine rigging for slings and will customize lifting slings to your needs.