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Anchor Shackles - Screw Pin
Shackles are an essential piece of lifting equipment for any rigging application. Shackles, sometimes called gyves, come in many shapes and sizes for many different lifting applications and even vehicle recovery. The most common shackle is the screw pin anchor shackle and the bolt type anchor shackle. A lifting shackle will be used with lifting slings such as nylon slings, polyester slings, wire rope slings, and chain slings. By attaching a rigging shackle to the eye of a sling, it allows the shackle to take the abrasion of rubbing on a rigging hook which can have small barbs or imperfections on them that may cut into nylon and polyester.

Sometimes called clevises, a rigging shackle is primarily made of 2 parts. The body of the shackle can be called a bow which is the curved body of the lifting shackle. The pin runs through the body of the shackle and can be one of many different styles. The shackle can have a screw pin, bolt pin, flush pin, or other pins. The body of the shackle can be and anchor style shackle which will have a curved bow shape. A bow shackle will have an enlarged curvature and is usually used in marine rigging. Please browse the category buttons below for some great shackles.
Anchor Shackles - Screw Pin
Screw pin anchor shackles are the most common shackle used.  Very reliable and versatile, and sometimes called a clevis, these shackles are made of durable carbon steel and have been hot dipped galvanized for added durability.  The galvanizing process helps resist the negative effects of moisture.  For greater durability to water exposure, try our marine shackles.  These shackles meet the Federal Specification RR-C-271d, Type IV A, Grade A, Class 2.  Domestic shackles available upon request but expect a much higher price for domestic anchor shackles. more info
Lifting shackles are great for many rigging and lifting applications. Used as a connecting clevis between slings or anchor points, these durable, heavy duty rigging items solve the problem of connecting slings to some anchor points. Our shackles listed on this website are import but we do have domestic shackles available upon request. Domestic shackles can be very expensive and the quality of our import shackles are very good. They have been tested and rated to the limits specified on the shackles and this website. Below is a list and description of some of the shackles we are offering:
  • Screw Pin Shackles - These rigging shackles can have a body like an anchor shackle, chain shackle, or stainless steel bow shackles. The pin slides through one end of the clevis and then screws in to the other side like a bolt. These shackles tend to be the most common as they are easy to remove and apply. However, in order to keep the lifting shackle from becoming loose, you have to secure the pin from turning by using seizing wire.
  • Bolt Type Shackles - Bolt type shackles usually come in anchor shackle or chain shackle types. The pin sill slide through the clevis and screw in and through the other side. A bolt is fastened on the other side of the shackle and usually has a hole drilled through the bolt and a cotter pin to slide through. The anchor shackles are very secure and are built to handle the heaviest applications.
  • D Shackles or Chain Shackles - These lifting shackles do not have an "O" shaped curve of the body as it is more like a "U". Used with chain slings to form easy links and for easy connect/disconnect. D shackles come in many varieties in the Marine Shackles category which features many stainless steel shackles.
  • Bow Shackles - Bow shackles have a large curvature to the body, more "O" shaped than an anchor shackle. This large bow allows more versatility for side loading however this enlarged curve lowers the overall strength of an achor shackle like this.