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Endless Polyester Round Slings Eye & Eye Polyester Round Slings
Endless Polyester Round Slings Eye & Eye Polyester Round Slings
Round slings are a necessary piece of rigging equipment for any rigger. The endless slings are made of a polyester rope which makes these polyester round slings more flexible than nylon web slings. The flexibility allows the slings to be stored very easily and prevent locking on a load when lifting. "Locking" happens typically with nylon web when used in a choker hitch. Polyester round slings have a lower stretch value to prevent load locking.
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Eye and eye slings are the basically the same as endless round sling.  The process to make the eye sling is simply to pinch the body of the sling together and sew a 2nd cordura jacket around the body to make the loops on each end.  This process does not affect the rated capacity of the eye and eye round slings.  The added cordura jacket adds even more protection to the body of the polyester sling to prevent wear and tear. more info
Endless Polyester Sling Chart

The endless round sling is simply a loop sling that can handle all three hitches. The eye and eye polyester sling has the body pinched together to form eyes on each end and the center is wrapped with another cordura jacket. The eye and eye sling can also handle all three hitches: choker, vertical and basket.

The main benefit for polyester round slings over nylon slings is a round sling can attain the same load rating as a nylon lift sling with a narrow body that is much more flexible to keep the lifting sling from locking on the load. Nylon slings can become locked on the item being lifted when they are stretched making the slings very hard to unwrap. The flexible body of the polyester sling prevents that from happening.

Certificates of Conformance can be provided at no charge with proof of purchase or at the time of order. Proof Load test certificates must be requested at the time of manufacture so the lift straps can be pull tested at the facility before they are shipped. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime.