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Eye & Eye Slings Type 3 Flat Eye Eye & Eye Slings Type 4 Twisted Eye
Endless Slings Type 5 Triangle Slings Type 2
Triangle Choker Slings Type 1 Reverse Eye Slings Type 6
Basket Slings - Heavy Duty Type 8 Basket Slings - Light Duty Type 9
Polyester Web Slings are very similar to Nylon Slings in look and texture, so much that their ratings, sizes and pricing is exactly the same!  Polyester webbing is used primarily where a minimum stretch is warranted (approx. 3% at rated capacity) or acids are present.  Polyester web is unaffected by common acids and hot bleaching agents making it a sufficient replacement for nylon webbing in those situations.  Polyester slings are not suitable for concentrated sulfuric acids, alkalis or at temperatures in excess of 194 deg F (90 deg C).
Eye & Eye Slings Type 3 Flat Eye Eye & Eye Slings Type 4 Twisted Eye
The eye and eye sling comes in 2 styles: type 3 flat eye and type 4 twisted eye. Both eye & eye lifting straps can utilize all 3 hitches. A type 3 sling's webbing will lay flat and the eyes will face side to side. The eye of the sling is usually tapered to allow easy attachment of rigging hooks.
The type 4 twisted eye slings have eyes on each end like the type 3 flat eye. However, they twist the eye of the webbing while folding it which turns the eye 90° to allow for an easier choker hitch. Twisted eye slings are a great choice for choker hitch applications and these nylon slings are heavy duty yet inexpensive.
Endless Slings Type 5 Triangle Slings Type 2
Endless slings are the most versatile nylon slings. Able to utilize all 3 hitches like the eye & eye slings but in a choker or basket hitch, the legs can be spread for a wide base and better load stability. Endless lifting straps can also be rotated to prevent wear and tear in the eye.
Triangle slings are lifting strap with steel triangles (aluminum triangle slings can be special ordered) used in cases requiring maximum abrasion resistance in the eye of the sling. Triangle lifting slings can only be used in the vertical and basket hitches only.
Triangle Choker Slings Type 1 Reverse Eye Slings Type 6
Choker slings rely on the ability to slide one end of the lift sling through the other eye, thus making a choker hitch. A larger triangle is fastened to one end allowing this triangle sling to achieve the choker hitch, unlike the triangle slings. Ultimate durability and eye protection.
Reverse eye slings are made with the choker hitch in mind.  The body and eyes are protected with cordura for added abrasion protection.  The eyes can be inverted for added life to this polyester lifting sling.Made with similar construction as a cargo sling but with narrower widths.
Basket Slings - Heavy Duty Type 8 Basket Slings - Light Duty Type 9
The continuous eye cargo sling is meant for the heaviest of basket loads. The construction is similar to a reverse eye sling but has much wider body widths up to 24". The wide body sling allows for greater load stability. This cargo basket sling can only be used in a basket hitch.
The attached eye cargo sling is made with the same concept as the continuous eye sling, but the eyes are sewn on separately to the body.  This lightens the labor, material needed, and weight rating of the polyester lifting sling and making the cost of the lifting sling decrease as well.  The maximum weight capacity is typically 10,000# for lighter loads requiring wide body slings.
Polyester webbing slings are a great alternative to nylon web slings for certain rigging and lifting applications. The main differences between polyester web and nylon webbing is basically 2 things:

  • Polyester sling webbing has a stretch factor of 5-8% at rated capacity while nylon sling web is closer to 10-15% (meaning when you get close to the sling's intended rating, it will stretch about this percentage)
  • Polyester has different resistances to certain chemicals than nylon webbing slings
As far as ratings go, polyester slings are equal to nylon slings. Let's talk about some of the advantages of polyester rigging slings:

Low Clearance Lifting:
Polyester slings, with their low stretch rating, offer an alternative from a high stretch nylon sling or having to use a wire rope sling. Polyester lifting straps are lighter weight than wire rope and much easier to wrap up and store. By using the polyester lifting strap, you can use the low stretch benefits of wire rope with the flexibility of nylon slings while keeping costs down.

Marine Slings & Boat Lift Straps: Polyester webbing is used frequently for marine lifting applications. The polyester webbing has been said to handle the sea water effectively. We also offer a polyester tuff edge product called gator edge. The edges of the polyester has a tighter weave polyester product to protect against edge abrasion and thus, extending the life of the slings. These rigging slings are used frequently on travel lift mechanisms and are usually polyester eye and eye slings, but can be nylon eye and eye slings also. Marine slings can have disconnects, chine and keel pads, and tons of other options. Simply contact us for a free quote at 319-535-2130!

Here is a listing of our common polyester and nylon slings we offer (we can make almost any sling you can dream of though):
Nylon Slings Polyester Slings Polyester Round Slings
Eye & Eye Slings Flat Eye Eye & Eye Slings Flat Eye Eye & Eye Slings
Eye & Eye Slings Twisted Eye Eye & Eye Slings Twisted Eye Endless Slings
Endless Slings Endless Slings
Triangle Slings Triangle Slings
Triangle Choker Slings Triangle Choker Slings
Reverse Eye Slings Reverse Eye Slings
Cargo Slings - Light Duty Basket Slings - Light Duty
Cargo Slings - Heavy Duty Basket Slings - Heavy Duty

As with the rest of our rigging slings, these slings are also 100% MADE IN THE USA! We pride our company on offering domestic product whenever we can be competitive in the market. We do offer import webbing if people are looking for cheaper alternatives, but our domestic webbing and domestic USA made slings are very competitive in the market.

These are just the common slings people are looking for. We will customize slings to any length down to the INCH! AT NO EXTRA CHARGE! Simply pay for the length to the nearest foot rounded up (ie. for a 25'6" sling, you would pay for a 26'). We customize our lifting slings to your designations. We can do weighted keel pads (removable and sewn in), chine pads, and slings with conveyor belt protection. Our options are endless. If you have any questions about our product line and the lifting slings you need, please feel free to contact us anytime at 319-535-2130 or!