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Single leg slings are a great alternative for lifting in environments unsuitable for nylon or polyester. Made of 6x37 Class wire rope and able to be used in all 3 hitches for lifting.

Ratings for Lifting
Choker - 16.0 Tons
Vertical - 21.0 Tons
Basket - 42.0 Tons
The 1-1/2" wire rope slings are "call for price". The size of the wire and amount of metal required makes the price of these slings fluctuate periodically. Primo Slings can make wire rope slings to custom lengths and in custom sling designs. These slings are made of imported wire rope that has been inspected for quality and assembled domestically in the U.S. to keep prices reasonable for the slings for sale.

For wire sling prices this size, please contact us at 319-535-2130 for a free price quote. All slings are made to order and ship within a couple business days. Many companies stock pre-made wire slings but Primo Slings believes the product should be inspected before assembly. High Quality Slings! Great Prices! Low Shipping Prices! That's Primo Slings!

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